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Consultation & Mentoring for Students and Professionals

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Consultation & Mentoring for Students and Professionals

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Professional services, offering personalized consultations conducted by Roberto Barata.

Our services provide professional support for students, animal trainers, veterinarians, professionals in the animal care field, and individuals seeking a solid education in the field. We focus on enhancing expertise and practical skills in a confidential, non-judgmental and private environment. You'll find a trusted ally committed to your growth and success here.

Service Offerings

  • Topics: Anthrozoology; Ethology; Animal Communication; Neuroethology; Behavioral Modification; Animal Training; Applied Animal Behavior Analysis; Research Skills; Wellness & Health; Other personalized topic (Contact us).
  • Case Analysis: Detailed evaluations to provide insights into animal behavior, health, and care strategies.
  • General Student Guidance: Assistance with academic projects, including essays, thesis work, and practical assessments tailored to the fields of animal behavior and welfare.
  • Behavioral Insights and Management: Strategies for understanding and modifying animal behavior.
  • Customized Services: Tailored consultations and services to meet specific professional needs.
  • Customized Educational Programs: Our educational offerings include personalized online individual consultation and mentoring programs tailored for one-on-one or group settings. These programs emphasize practical application, providing hands-on experience with skills directly applicable to real-world scenarios. Designed to be self-paced, they allow learners to engage with the material independently, fostering a deeper and more comprehensive understanding. Our approach represents a significant advancement over traditional education models, focusing on adaptability, responsiveness, and the individual learner's journey. This ensures an effective, profound, and transformative learning experience. Upon completion, participants receive a certificate/diploma and a transcript.

Accredited Service

Our Consultation & Mentoring is accredited by the E-Learning Quality Network (ELQN), an organization dedicated to elevating e-learning standards through accreditation, research, awards, and professional development initiatives, and the teaching certification by the European Association for Higher Education Advancement (EAHEA), that promotes higher education advancement and enhances global recognition of educational programs and credentials.

Our accreditation reflects our commitment to providing high-quality educational programs and services aligned with their rigorous standards. All certificates, diplomas, and transcripts issued by Human-Animal Science will bear the ELQN and EAHEA seal, demonstrating our dedication to excellence in e-learning.


Single Online Session


  • One 90-minute individual online session.
  • Personalized Guidance.
  • Private Platform Access.

Individual Consultation


  • Six 90-minute individual online sessions.
  • Private Platform Access.
  • Personalized Guidance.
  • Assessments.
  • Certificate & Transcript.

Mentoring Program


  • Twenty 90-minute individual online sessions.
  • Private Platform Access.
  • Personalized Guidance.
  • Assessments.
  • Diploma & Transcript.

Additional information

  • This service requires mandatory bibliographies, which are not included in the price. You can discuss these details during the initial video call to explore the best options.
  • For the Individual Consultation, payment can be made in 2 installments (300€ x 2 months).
  • For the Mentoring Program, payment can be made in 6 installments (400€ x 6 months).
  • Any specific questions, agreements, and adjustments should be discussed during the initial video call.
  • Before proceeding with the contact, you must read and agree with the Terms and Services for Consultation & Mentoring.
  • In-person sessions are limited to Denmark (sjælland), with an additional cost for travel expenses (5kr/km).

Get started

Please fill out the form below to help guide your learning. Provide a brief description of the situation, all relevant details, and your availability for an initial video call meeting (no costs involved). You will be contacted by email within 24-72 hours (please check spam), and payment is made only after the agreement. When sending the message, you agree to the website's Terms and Services and Privacy Policy.