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Family Coaching For Pet Owners

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Family Coaching For Pet Owners

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Professional services for families with animal companions, offering personalized consultations conducted by Roberto Barata.

Navigating the journey of pet ownership, from the vibrant early stages to the tranquil later years, is a unique experience. Our specialized services ensure that every interaction with your animal companions—whether dogs, cats, or horses—is enriched with understanding and joy.

Service Offerings

  • Life Stage Support: Tailored care strategies for young, adult, and senior animals, ensuring their well-being at every phase.
  • Behavior Insights: Comprehensive analysis to decode individual situations, offering a deeper understanding of their behaviors and needs.
  • Behavior Management: Implementing effective strategies for fundamental behavior modification or environmental management.
  • Health & Wellness: Expert guidance in fostering your dear animal companions' comprehensive, holistic health and wellness.
  • Family Integration: Providing general consultation, guidance, and advice to integrate your companions into the family sphere harmoniously.
  • Pre-Adoption Consultation: Realistic advice and personalized planning for families considering adding an animal companion to their home, analyzing lifestyle compatibilities and other factors to ensure a smooth transition for both the animal and the family.


Single Online Session


  • One 90-minute individual online session.
  • Personalized Guidance.
  • Private Platform Access.

Online Sessions Pack


  • Six 90-minute individual online sessions.
  • Personalized Guidance.
  • Private Platform Access.

Additional information

  • Any specific questions, agreements, and adjustments should be discussed during the initial contact.
  • In-person sessions are limited to Denmark (sjælland), with an additional cost for travel expenses (5kr/km).
  • Before proceeding with the contact, you must read and agree with the Terms and Services for Family Coaching.

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Please fill out the form below to help guide your coaching session. Provide a brief description of the situation, all relevant details, and your availability for the meeting. You will be contacted by email within 24-72 hours (please check spam), and payment is made only after the agreement. When sending the message, you agree to the website's Terms and Services and Privacy Policy.