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Human-Animal Science (HAS) is an educational project dedicated to advancing independent academic research and professional development in practice. Established in 2003, HAS exemplifies over two decades of excellence in supporting animal training, pet owners, and professionals. We uphold the highest standards of integrity and objectivity, ensuring our work remains free from personal or commercial influences.

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Anthrozoology & Animal Training Ebook
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This thoroughly revised and enlarged edition is designed for everyone, from pet owners to professional trainers and researchers. It explores the dynamic domain of anthrozoology, transitioning from a scientific discipline to an influential ideological movement. This book meticulously dissects the multifaceted spectrum of human-animal studies, highlighting trends in animal training while demystifying animal behavior, welfare, ethics, research, emotions, and learning.

Incorporating most of the author’s work and research, including the “Teach Without Speech" project and practical approaches, this edition offers a scientific and empirical perspective that challenges popular views and marketing terms. It delves into taboo subjects often shunned by scientists and mainstream authors, providing a provocative take on popular terms and marketing slogans to encourage critical thinking and deeper understanding.

With over 40 pages of references, this book blends scientific rigor with applied anthrozoology and practical animal training insights. It is meticulously supported by extensive research on anthrozoology, ethology, behaviorism, neuroscience, and more, allowing readers to explore and choose their path.

This book provides a comprehensive view of human-animal studies, from core ethological principles to practical behavior modification and avant-garde anthrozoology models. It is fundamental for researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts to present a necessary and challenging viewpoint that champions the preservation of scientific rigor while endorsing emerging empirical perspectives and a transformative paradigm shift in the field.


  • ISBN: 9781666404739
  • Author: Roberto Barata
  • Format: PDF
  • Pages: 402
  • Language: English
  • Publication Date: 2024

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